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&! Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Post By Ellie

Wow. Absent from school today. Eve's coming over my house today. Joyous timse.

So Q is getting on my nerves. The autistic boy sat in my chair in school for these past few days. Whatever. Q is REALLY on my nerves. She's on Eve's nerves too. Like, wth? I have no intentions on killing her, but I really want to.

Tail is also getting on my nerves. EBW too. Why is life so unfair? Why does things end up how it shouldnt? BOY. Things should start getting my way soon.

My grades are average, not at all fantastic. I need it to be fantastic. Q's grades became better than mine. Like, wth. You see, we make a study group but I think she studies more by herself. What an unfair sucker.

9:54 PM