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&! Thursday, October 26, 2006

This is Eve posting here.

Yesterday was a wrecked last day. Though the time spent time in school was just mesmerising, the affair after school with The Dispropotional and the The Acne was just terrible.

Ellie is my best friend and I am not going to let anyone look down on her. That is what I have to do - boost her confidence level - and also to be there in times of need.

So now times are rough and all. And to add to the work load, Q is really at the edge of my boiling point.

Firstly, she is having this arrogant and proud atitude just because she thinks she did better than us in the Final Year. We don't need her anyway. Cause she'd rather people hate her and all. So be it. She's one weird smelly arsed bitch.

I seriously would not want people to hate me, or rather us, but this Q keeps on ranting everyday about people hating her and all. And she cries and all. She things she's fighting a war with the EBW group and all, but her real enemies are us. That, she does not know.

Nope, no telling her off no matter how much we hate her. She can be put to good use actually. Like treating her lika a slave and all. Brilliant-o.

I'm having a slight crush on Baby right now, cause that kid is such an adorable on. Ah, it won't be long till I have another trip to Kiddy Palace.

So now, The Dispropotional probably had his parents fucked the wrong way to get him so fugly like that. The Acne on the other hand, was born in a different way. His dad gave birth to him, you see.

2 Secondary two Boys are no match for US? How stronger can we get.

Words don't affect me since I have a rather thick skin. What can knock sense into me?

That's for me to know, and for you to find out.

- Eve ((:

5:31 PM